Load banks & Transformers for Shipyards

The need for reliable back-up power in the marine environment is paramount. A loss of navigation or steering can be catastrophic. A back-up power supply that is proven to be 100% effective, first time, every time, is critical.

Many vessels built today are all-electric. A single power network is supplied by a primary energy source, which can be multiple units of diesel generators or gas turbines.

This integrated power system enables propulsion power to be diverted to on-ship requirements, such as refrigeration on cargo vessels, light, heat and air-conditioning on cruise vessels, and weapon systems on naval ships.

It is essential for the smooth operation of the complete power and propulsion system that these different loads and the way they interact with each other can be simulated and tested.

We have many years’ experience in the testing and commissioning of marine generators, from small ferries to super tankers, from conventional engines with propeller shafts to multi-unit all-electric ships. We also supply many dockyards with equipment for the new generation of warships.

We supply load banks to many of the world’s leading ship builders and can provide packages of 50MVA and above, including step down transformers, to simulate the most arduous conditions that might be experienced in the real environment.

Our load banks are widely used for the testing of Gensets – Gas Turbines – UPS – DC systems. Our load banks and transformers are popular with shipyards around the world, with over 30 years’ experience gained from supplying rental and sold load banks into the global marine and shipbuilding sector.

These containerised load banks and transformers are highly specialised tailored to meet the demanding shipyard & marine environment. Our containerised load banks and transformers incorporate innovative design making them: